A high-energy codebreaking adventure across four of the University of Cambridge Museums!

The Cambridge Codebreaking Society has come into possession of a series of letters between a cryptographer and a linguist, spanning decades. The last references a closely-held secret - but it's written in an unbreakable code, one that references a series of artifacts spread out across disciplines, space, and time. They've called upon their finest minds to help them crack the code before the answers are lost forever.

With a live leaderboard, cryptic clues, surprise challenges and roaming characters your team will have to be curious, cooperative and clever to come out on top.

But as the secret behind the code becomes apparent, you'll be faced with a moral choice with worldwide ramifications. Is it sometimes better not to know?

The Last Secret is designed for adults (18+). No prior knowledge of codebreaking is required. You'll need to be comfortable moving around at walking pace for a couple of hours. You can join individually, or as part of a team, and be as casual or as competitive as you like.

The game can be made accessible with some small adjustments and we're very happy to help - please let us know in advance.

The Last Secret is presented by the University of Cambridge Museums in partnership with Fire Hazard Games.

Duration 2 hours
Location Cambridge Museums
Accessible? Yes, with some modifications
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Think on Your Feet

Discover the secrets of the museum: Crack cryptic clues, explore hidden corners and spot tiny details. React quickly when new clues open up or old ones close. And work together - you'll need sharp minds and sharp eyes for this one.

Outwit Your Opponents

You'll have competition from up to twenty other teams of Codebreakers at the same time. There are bonus points for the first team to crack each clue - and, more importantly, not everybody gets every clue at the same time. Keep an eye out. Follow each other. Lay false trails. Stay alert. With a live leaderboard on your phone, you'll know exactly who to watch out for.

Think Quickly, Move Slowly

Cambridge Codebreakers is based on our hit Citydash game - but this time there'll be nobody chasing you (and no running in the museum!). We'll keep the pressure up with twists & turns, surprise clues and timed challenges, but you won't need your running shoes for this one.