You’ve helped the Wingback Society understand love and intimacy through the ages… Can you help them survive a lovers’ quarrel? Join us for a romp through the British Museum exploring love and misunderstandings throughout the ages!

Return of the Family Jewels is the updated version of the Valentine’s Day variant of our Raiders of the Lost Archive games. With a new and improved set of puzzles and an ongoing storyline, your team will have 90 minutes to crack the clues, investigate relationships through the ages, and discover ancient bickering strategies. As always there will be a live leaderboard, cryptic clues, surprise challenges and roaming explorers. You'll have to think quickly to defeat teams of rival adventurers in this game of love. After all, you can’t have love without a little pain... Strictly 18+ for love is not always innocent.

Duration 90 mins
Location The British Museum, Bloomsbury, London
Accessible? Please contact us for details
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The Story So Far

Fertility deities, ancient tokens for luck in love, and many, many nude statues… As explorers of the Wingback Society, you’ve seen it all. But now, the Society is dealing with an entirely new problem: a lovers’ quarrel among its most senior members. Join us as we deal with this tiff the Wingback way: with extensive research and cryptic clues!

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The British Museum itself is fully accessible, but the briefing and debriefing normally take place in a nearby venue, which unfortunately is not. We'd love to have you come along and we'll do everything we can - all the gameplay will be fine, but you might miss some of the theatrical bits (or we can recap them for your team elsewhere). Just drop us an email in advance and we'll get it sorted.

Junior Adventurers

This game is not child friendly and is strictly for those over 18 years of age.


The British Museum is very happy to have us, but this is not an official BM event. They have a full program of other events, as well as membership for those who are inspired to discover more!


All of our clues are in English, and you will need a basic grasp of the language in order to play. You do not need to be fluent, but it does help. Please get in touch if you have any language concerns.

Further particulars

Quest for the Family Jewels is one of our Raiders of the Lost Archive games, which you can read more about here.

Shall we begin?

Play solo, in a pair, or in a team of up to five. Larger groups can go head-to-head with several teams!

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