A curatorial caper in the Victoria & Albert museum!

Cold Case is one of our Raiders of the Lost Archive games.

Duration 90 mins
Location The Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington
Accessible? Yes - see notes
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The Story So Far

The legend of the Lost Archive of Delilah Athelby is a mystery that has foxed adventurers and curators for generations. A mysterious cabinet filled with a great treasure was hidden upon her death and legend holds that the key to finding the cabinet is hidden in a series of puzzles within her collection. These items are now on display at the Victoria & Albert museum. With access to those, you might be able to solve this once and for all - unless another team cracks it first.



The V&A itself is fully accessible, but the briefing and debriefing normally take place in a nearby pub's downstairs room, which unfortunately is not. We'd love to have you come along and we'll do everything we can - all the gameplay will be fine, but you might miss some of the theatrical bits (or we can recap them for your team, on the ground floor). Just drop us an email in advance and we'll get it sorted.


Kids are very welcome (and get Concession pricing)! There'll need to be at least one over-18 in each team.


Cold Case takes place in the Victoria & Albert Museum; they're very happy to have us, but ask us to remind you that it's not an official V&A event. Those are excellent too.


All of our clues are in English, and you will need a basic grasp of the language in order to play. You do not need to be fluent, but it does help. Please get in touch if you have any language concerns.

Shall we begin?

Play solo, in a pair, or in a team of up to five. Larger groups can go head-to-head with several teams!

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