A cryptic curatorial caper in the British Museum!

Lost in Translation is one of our Raiders of the Lost Archive games. Your team will have 90 minutes to crack the clues, explore the artifacts and hunt down the hidden secrets. With a live leaderboard, cryptic clues, surprise challenges and a roaming curator you'll have to think quickly to defeat teams of rival adventurers.

Duration 90 mins
Location The British Museum, Bloomsbury, London
Accessible? Please contact us for details
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The Story So Far

Wingback crest

On our last Expedition, we came into possession of a rather interesting tablet, apparently thousands of years old - certainly predating the inception of our Society.

And yet - the tablet bears our Crest, or a crude facsimile of it. What could it mean? Was the Crest stolen by an unscrupulous designer in the 1700s? (unlikely) Is Coffinberry a thousand years old? (possible, but they deny it) Is there a time-traveller in our midst? (even more unlikely)

To date, though the symbols are familiar, any meaning is lost in translation. Deciphering an unknown language, or indeed a code, requires cultural and historical context. What better place to find it than in one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of artifacts in the world?

We have therefore gathered the Wingback Society together for a further Expedition. We will cast our net both broad and deep, investigating language, symbols and meanings across half a dozen cultures and a thousand years of history. Perhaps we can learn enough to decipher the tablet together?

Of course, in true Wingback fashion, even our co-operation is competitive; we will be awarding honours for those Members who are the most successful in our research.

Raiderslost 1
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The British Museum itself is fully accessible, but the briefing and debriefing normally take place in a nearby venue, which unfortunately is not. We'd love to have you come along and we'll do everything we can - all the gameplay will be fine, but you might miss some of the theatrical bits (or we can recap them for your team elsewhere). Just drop us an email in advance and we'll get it sorted.

Junior Adventurers

Kids are very welcome (and get Concession pricing)! There'll need to be at least one over-18 in each team.


The British Museum is very happy to have us, but this is not an official BM event. They have a full program of other events, as well as membership for those who are inspired to discover more!


All of our clues are in English, and you will need a basic grasp of the language in order to play. You do not need to be fluent, but it does help. Please get in touch if you have any language concerns.

Further particulars

Lost in Translation is one of our Raiders of the Lost Archive games, which you can read more about here.

Shall we begin?

Play solo, in a pair, or in a team of up to five. Larger groups can go head-to-head with several teams!

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