The first practical instruction manual for designing and running street games, with a card deck that lets you rapidly build, prototype and modify them with your team. Includes artwork by Viviane Schwarz.

Run Screaming is available as atoms, electrons, or a mix of the two:

All Electronic

The book as a text-only epub file, plus a PDF of the cards that you can print onto cardboard and guillotine yourself to make a deck.

Just The Deck

The book as a text-only epub file, with a professionally printed card deck.

The Real Deal

The book as a high-quality workshop manual, including bonus material and easy access to the game mechanics, so you can use it as a quick reference with your team. Plus, of course, a card deck.

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Run Screaming is a Fire Hazard project ignited by Gwyn Morfey and Viviane Schwarz. Ideas? Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you.