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Sorcerers of Southwark

Two magical real-world games, by day and by night.

Something magical is brewing in a secret corner of Southwark this autumn. Join the local sorcerers as they do battle with malevolent forces that haunt the long nights. Test your spellcraft during daylight hours and solve cryptic clues hidden in the woods to prove your worth as a magical defender of London's unsuspecting residents. The bravest amongst you may then return after dark to take on evil enchanters who only come out by moonlight...

Think Escape The Room games with more action. Think of your favourite wizard movies, with you as the star. Or think Citydash, with more magic!

The School of Sorcery is hidden in plain sight, two stops from London Bridge.

'It was super cool' - Ars Technica on Shadow Over Southwark

'it is absolutely brilliant' - The Guardian on Citydash

Location Stave Hill Ecological Park
(Canada Water tube, Jubilee line zone 2)
Duration 75 mins
Accessible? Limited
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Video Of Our 2016 Event

By Day: Wands at the Ready

Wands at the Ready is a hilarious, high-energy romp. Take it seriously and try to conquer the leaderboard, or play it for laughs!

Dress up if you like (and pose for some photos with the Tutors!), or come as you are.

Calling all witches and wizards; the time has come to dust off your wands and prepare to take the W.A.N.D., the Wizarding Assessment of National Defence!

Students will be tested on translation of magical runes, offensive spell casting, the cataloguing and location of magical creature, and, of course, speed and bravery.

But things never go to plan out in the field! Three of our tutors will be posing as dark witches and wizards, stalking the area. If students are spotted, they risk being disarmed, cursed or worse…

Teams will have only 75 minutes to demonstrate their skills with wand casting, evade the dark wizards, and pass their exam to become full wizards and witches.

Wands at the Ready starts at 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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By Night: Defend the City

For ages 18+ Only!

A darker, creepier, and harder challenge. It's pitch black in the woods, and the Dark Wizards are fond of jump scares. They will stalk you. They will chase you. They will make your evening absolutely unforgettable. Afterwards we'll all head to the pub to steady our nerves and tell tales of our incredible escapes.

Adventurers encouraged to dress as enchanters of all sorts, though plain-clothes spellcasters are also welcome.

Dark Wizards have invaded London and are casting curses around the city. With evil witches and wizards running amok, and the city at risk, we have just 75 minutes to find the hidden hexes.

In this time of need, the Society calls upon the fastest wands in London to find the curses, crack the runes and save London!

Would be wizards will need wands and wits more than running shoes during this adventure. Each Dark Wizard has a weakness, and the well researched witch or wizard may find themselves better served to outwit the enemy than outrun them.

Defend the City starts at 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Let's Do This!

Play solo, in a pair, in a team of up to five, or as a big group with a few teams going head-to-head on the leaderboard!

If you'd like to play both games on the same day, use code DOUBLETROUBLE for a discount.

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