John le Carré's


A New Immersive Spy Game

Could you make the cut as a Cold War spy?

Can you invent a cover story, plant a dead-drop or tail a suspect? Can you pass the miniscule tests of character and behaviour devised by The Circus to evaluate your ‘agent potential’?


Location Cambridge Circus, London
Duration 120 mins
Accessible? No
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Find out, in this exhilarating reality game, set in the secret world of The Circus – the Secret Intelligence headquarters in John le Carré’s iconic spy novels. As a prospective recruit to London Station, you will be pitted against your fellow novices in a live spy game to test your tradecraft skills.

Practice the art of surveillance and counter-surveillance against your fellow agents. Demonstrate your skill in a wide range of challenges with Circus Spymasters. Decode microfilm, fake your identity and evade pursuit. Or indulge in some of the less delicate arts with the Scalphunters, the kidnappers and assassins of the Secret Service.

At the end of the assessment, you will be graded accordingly on your aptitude in each department and either recruited, or disregarded.

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Based on our hit game Undercover, John le Carré’s The CIRCUS will pit you in a game of cat and mouse against other agents, while testing a set of clandestine skills in special missions unique to the secret world of the iconic spymaster George Smiley.

Do you have what it takes to join The Circus?


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